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What I ate on GAPS Stage 1


Eating whatever real food I wanted whenever I wanted it for the last year was pretty great. Butter, cream, meat, fruit, veggies, and even SUGARS. YUM!! My body was happy with me and my autoimmune pain decreased a LOT. And then I decided to obliterate it by going GAPS on it.

The GAPS diet is specifically set up to give your digestive system a gentle break from its hard work to let it recover and repair damage to the gut lining and replenish good bacteria.

It is VERY restrictive for the first few stages. VERY. Goodbye butter. Goodbye cream. Goodbye everything else – except bone broth, boiled meat and boiled vegetables. Yeah. That’s pretty much it. So…what do you eat for breakfast? Broth and vegetables. What to you eat for lunch? Broth and meat and vegetables. And for dinner? Yep…you guessed it. Broth and boiled meat and vegetables.

You can try to make it more interesting, but it’s still boiled. There’s a great book on what to eat for the first 30 days HERE.

Here’s what I did to get through it with a bit of flavor.

Day 1
Room temp water w/ lemon (although the lemon might be just for FULL gaps, not Intro)
Beef bone broth
carrots in beef bone broth


Beef Pot Roast (boiled, not roasted)
Cup o’ broth


Pureed Soup w/bone broth, carrots, cauliflower and chicken

Day 2
Carrots, cauliflower, pot roast in broth (exciting, I know)

Creamed cauliflower soup with meatballs (pretty good actually)

Spaghetti squash with boiled broccoli, chicken, chicken broth (w/ garlic and onions)

Day 3
Meatballs and zucchini in beef broth

Ground beef and spinach in beef broth

Chicken Soup

And there you have it. Super exciting meals. And how did it go?

Not too bad, really. I had headaches for the first 4 days. My husband had nothing. As usual. The food was decent and didn’t really feel like a diet because there was so much fat in it. My bloated tummy went down pretty quick and I lost 7lbs in 3 days. I will say that I was glad to move to stage 2. Even of the only things we got to add were pickles and casseroles (same stuff, but baked with broth instead of boiled).

Check out the next stage here.

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Preparing for the GAPS Intro Diet


The last year of eliminating processed foods, medications and toxic home and beauty product has brought me a lot closer to healing the mysterious auto-immune condition I have. I feel so much better but I am not all the way there. I’ve decided to take it head on and go a little more extreme. I will be starting the Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet January 3rd. I bought the book by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride and have read article after article from fellow real food bloggers on how to do this thing. I read the whole ebook “What Can I Eat Now?” by Cara Comini and I am ready to start. I’ll be documenting my progress along the way and taking photos and who knows…I may even have a whole ebook of my own experiences by the end this thing, along with no food allergies and fewer pounds.

As of now, one week ahead, here are the things I am doing to prepare.

* I am planning my menu for THIS week to use up any foods that are not on the intro diet. Beans and breads and chips and tortillas and cheeses and such. We’ve been eating a real food diet for the past year, so when I talk about these foods, I mean sprouted grain breads, chips and tortillas, organic soaked pinto beans, raw milk cheeses, etc. For someone who has NOT been eating this way already, there might be more prep and more learning about just what REAL food means.

* I will also make yogurt from raw milk and strain a little whey off of it. I’ll use that whey to make a fermented vegetable medley to generate the probiotics I’ll add to our soups. I’ll have to leave the typical cabbage out as it is one of the few foods I KNOW I have an allergy or sensitivity to.

* I’ll make a menu plan for the first week that includes the recipes and foods I’ll use on the first, strictest stage of the diet. This will basically be stocks and soups, boiled meats and vegetables and the fermented vegetable juice.

* Wednesday, I’ll start making my stocks and soups to be ready for Friday when we start.

If you’re interested in how it goes, check back for progress updates under the category GAPS. In the mean time, here are some resources for getting started.

“What Can I Eat Now?” by Cara Comini has some really great suggestions and plans to get you through. Cara is discounting all of her books and meal plans and even has an intro package. If you’re gearing up to heal your gut, this is a great deal! It makes it so much easier. In addition, the week of January 1-7 these and all of her other e-books will be an additional 30% off using the code NEWYEARS. Visit her site HERE.

get started on gaps in 2014

$1000 GIVEAWAY(CLOSED)! Plus 10 Gift Ideas For the Real Foodie

It’s GIVEAWAY time again!! Just in time for Christmas. I’ve joined with a bunch of your favorite Real Food blogs to bring you an amazing giveaway. The highest value giveaway I’ve ever been able to bring you. A $1000 AMAZON GIFT CARD!  I am so excited that I started thinking of ways I would spend it and wanted to share those ideas with you. Check these out and then follow the directions at the bottom of the post to enter to win this super awesome giveaway.

What would I buy with a $1000 amazon card if I could only spend it on myself?? Well, a bunch of stuff to help me keep up this real food and natural living lifestyle. Read More →

Gifting Recipes

Cherished recipes are often passed down from generation to generation. For the most part, these recipes are bound in a book or put on cards to be placed in a recipe box out of sight. Here are three ways to get those recipes out of their boxes and into the light to bring back memories, to be enjoyed and used and given as gifts.


1. Frames

Find some funky vintage frames to house treasured hand-written recipes or rough up a newly printed recipe to make it look well worn. Place them on a counter or hang them on a wall in the kitchen to double as decor and directions.  Choose a frame that compliments the receiver’s kitchen decor.


  Read More →

Make Your Own Infused Oils


I love looking at all those big bottles of infused oils at specialty cooking stores. The ones with the red wax sealed tops and various flavorings inside. I used to buy them just to place on my counter as decor. They can get expensive. I’ve seen a bottle priced at over $100 at an upscale store. I want to give these as gifts, but that would definitely go over my budget.

Instead of buying them, I made them for a fraction of the price using herbs I grew in my own garden and a high quality, vetted/certified olive oil (like this one).

Start out by washing the herbs you want to use and drying them thoroughly Read More →

7 Fermented Foods You Probably Already Eat


You may have been hearing about all those ‘crazy’ fermented foods that can restore the beneficial bacteria in your system and heal leaky gut and IBS(like in this article).

Stuff like kefir and kombucha and ginger bugs.
If you’re not really into a traditional diet or way of eating, it may seem like fermented foods are a little ‘out there’. After all, one of the most popular books on the subjects has WILD in the title!  If you’re not quite into the wild side of real food yet, you may think it’s too far too fast to introduce fermented foods into your family’s diet. Read More →

Cheesy Bacon Hash Brown Casserole – Real Food Style

Even just reading the title of this post will send some
people running for the celery!

We’ve been told for decades that fat makes us fat and a lot of people still believe it. I am not a doctor, but I have come to realize that  FAT is not the enemy. FAT is healthy. FAT is critical to life. And…FAT is yummy!

HOW CAN YOU BUY INTO THAT?? you may ask. Read More →

Massive Book Bundle SALE!

I am so excited to  tell you about this bundle of healthy living ebooks and classes and meal plan and more. Not just because the value of the bundle is crazy good, but also I HAVE A BOOK IN THE BUNDLE! Yep, I wrote a book. Well, more like photographed and styled a book. It’s pretty and practical and it’s all about making your DIY natural gifts GORGEOUS.

BUT…I have a couple of other favorite books in this bundle, so I’ll tell you about them first. Read More →

Quick Tip For Gutting a Pumpkin

I learned this little trick last week and had to pass it along to all of you because scraping out a pumpkin or squash is my least favorite part about eating them or carving them or whatevering them!  It’s a big tip. Get ready for it…



Amazing. Huge! YES! Canning lids like these. And it totally works. It saved me about 5 minutes while making dinner tonight. About 3 scrapes and everything was out and the squash was clean and beautiful. You KNOW this will come in handy when you do your last minute carving this coming week. SHARE this little gem with your friends because that is the way I learned about it and sharing is cool!