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REUSABLE Christmas Wrapping Bags – Alternative to Wrapping Paper!


I LOVE paper. I have a couple of collections of scrapbooking paper that I keep around just to look at…and smell…and pet. (Really! 2008 Basic Grey Lines.)

BUT, I don’t like wrapping paper. For many reasons.

  •  The big long rolls are hard to store.
  • They always have little flappy pieces sticking out everywhere.
  • It can get expensive.
  • It’s hard to work with and my arms are NOT long enough to cut across the whole roll.
  • I am really bad at wrapping(like, terrible!).
  • Last, but not least, all that time and effort spent painstakingly folding and taping is destroyed and ripped through in 1.4 seconds and can never be used again. That is not cool.

I decided to take care of the problem once and for all. And, whadd’ya know…it worked! Read More →

Preparing for the GAPS Intro Diet


The last year of eliminating processed foods, medications and toxic home and beauty product has brought me a lot closer to healing the mysterious auto-immune condition I have. I feel so much better but I am not all the way there. I’ve decided to take it head on and go a little more extreme. I will be starting the Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet January 3rd. I bought the book by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride and have read article after article from fellow real food bloggers on how to do this thing. I read the whole ebook “What Can I Eat Now?” by Cara Comini and I am ready to start. I’ll be documenting my progress along the way and taking photos and who knows…I may even have a whole ebook of my own experiences by the end this thing, along with no food allergies and fewer pounds.

As of now, one week ahead, here are the things I am doing to prepare.

* I am planning my menu for THIS week to use up any foods that are not on the intro diet. Beans and breads and chips and tortillas and cheeses and such. We’ve been eating a real food diet for the past year, so when I talk about these foods, I mean sprouted grain breads, chips and tortillas, organic soaked pinto beans, raw milk cheeses, etc. For someone who has NOT been eating this way already, there might be more prep and more learning about just what REAL food means.

* I will also make yogurt from raw milk and strain a little whey off of it. I’ll use that whey to make a fermented vegetable medley to generate the probiotics I’ll add to our soups. I’ll have to leave the typical cabbage out as it is one of the few foods I KNOW I have an allergy or sensitivity to.

* I’ll make a menu plan for the first week that includes the recipes and foods I’ll use on the first, strictest stage of the diet. This will basically be stocks and soups, boiled meats and vegetables and the fermented vegetable juice.

* Wednesday, I’ll start making my stocks and soups to be ready for Friday when we start.

If you’re interested in how it goes, check back for progress updates under the category GAPS. In the mean time, here are some resources for getting started.

“What Can I Eat Now?” by Cara Comini has some really great suggestions and plans to get you through. Cara is discounting all of her books and meal plans and even has an intro package. If you’re gearing up to heal your gut, this is a great deal! It makes it so much easier. In addition, the week of January 1-7 these and all of her other e-books will be an additional 30% off using the code NEWYEARS. Visit her site HERE.

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