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Since I made the commitment to eat and live cleaner, I’ve been able to get off of ALL of my medications and manage my auto-immune symptoms with real food nutrition and natural living. Giving your body what it needs to heal is KEY. Check out my posts on how I’ve ditched prescription drugs and improved my health.

2 Thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi April!

    I LOVE your name of your blog, Healing for Real! It’s been mine and my husband’s mission for the last 7 years to educate everyone on the concentrated form of food – the first medicine known to man, essential oils! It’s the only thing we’ve used for the last 6 years for all 6 of our kids and to get rid of my dads brain cancer (that he was told there’s no cure for) and my husbands tumor! They’re extremely potent and bodies (both human and animals) responds very quickly. If you’re interested in more or would like a guest blog sometime, check our website for more information:) They’ve changed our entire life both physically and financially along with hundreds of others in our Oil Zone group:)

  2. I’m so excited to have found your blog. I just signed up for your newsletter and your mailing address listed shows that we live in the same county. We’ve been eating REAL as a family for about four years, and I’ve struggled to find sources for REAL food. I’ve finally got a good source for most food but will appreciate your blog as a resource.

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