REUSABLE Christmas Wrapping Bags – Alternative to Wrapping Paper!


I LOVE paper. I have a couple of collections of scrapbooking paper that I keep around just to look at…and smell…and pet. (Really! 2008 Basic Grey Lines.)

BUT, I don’t like wrapping paper. For many reasons.

  •  The big long rolls are hard to store.
  • They always have little flappy pieces sticking out everywhere.
  • It can get expensive.
  • It’s hard to work with and my arms are NOT long enough to cut across the whole roll.
  • I am really bad at wrapping(like, terrible!).
  • Last, but not least, all that time and effort spent painstakingly folding and taping is destroyed and ripped through in 1.4 seconds and can never be used again. That is not cool.

I decided to take care of the problem once and for all. And, whadd’ya know…it worked! I don’t sew. Really. I can do a straight seam, except that it won’t be very straight. But I despise wrapping paper more than sewing, so I got some soft flannel in bright colors(I was tempted to do organza bags, but I know my limits) and, with my sad, sad sewing skills, I set out to make reusable Christmas bags as an alternative to wrapping paper.

I told a couple of friends about my idea and they smiled and nodded politely, but didn’t get my vision. I forged ahead anyway and sewed different sizes of squares and rectangles, turned the top edge over and sewed pockets for ribbon to thread through. Pretty much like various sizes of pillow cases. giftbagsexample

For our family, I also solved the gift tag issue! Everyone has a color. Green for Kelsey, Red for Josh…etc. When the gifts come out from under the tree, we all know who they are for at a glance. And guess what! When you’re done with them, they store nicely all bundled together in one bag. Or one of each color for easy access. The trash we throw away Christmas day is GREATLY reduced!

I LOVE these bags and we now use them every year. But wait…that’s not all!!

Because I chose colors that, on their own are pretty basic, these bags serve as wrapping for birthdays and anniversaries and special events, too. Eternal gift bags! YAY! You can see my little guy’s red bags full of birthday presents at his Lego Star Wars 6th birthday party.   giftbagsbdayweb I don’t do patterns because I really don’t sew! But, if you need a pattern, I would say something like THIS would be the closest thing! And if you don’t have time but like the idea, you can buy pre-made bags HERE or HERE

So wrap up your wrapping paper use this year and get busy making some bags that will last forever, cost you less over time, store nicely and are versatile and sustainable! giftbagsalone

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