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Dehydrating Bell Peppers


Our starter garden looks a little sad.  It should.  It was planted in soil that was basically used as a driveway for some time and covered over with sod even though the sprinkler system was inoperable.  We decided to change the course of this little patch of land and start rebuilding the soil.  We knew the plants would have a rough go this year, but we planted anyway.  Surprisingly, some of the vegetables are doing well!


I harvested a dozen heirloom Purple Beauty and green bell peppers.  Some I used for dinner tonight (fajitas!) and because there are more peppers on the plants that will be ready in a few days,  I preserved some of the ones I picked today.  In the past, I’ve chopped and frozen them and that worked well. This year I wanted to try the Excalibur dehydrator.  


I diced 8 peppers and laid them out on two trays.  It didn’t look like much.  After drying them for 6 hours,  it looked like even less. In the middle of winter though,  a sprinkling of these in a pot of chili will add a bit of flavor and a touch of green.


They’re light and don’t take up a lot of space. I think they’re kind of pretty. I’ll be doing more dehydrating for sure!


Because these are organic heirloom peppers,  I made sure to save some of the seeds for planting next year.  I dried them separately and will store them in the freezer.

So far our little garden has given us lots of zucchini,  a bunch of green tomatoes and a couple spaghetti squash.  We did get a handful of green beans and a few pea pods along with collard greens,  kale and lettuce.  There’s still a bit of time left in the growing season so we’ll see how the rest of it grows.  Josh has his eye on this baby pumpkin.