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Playing with the Instant Pot

I’ve used an electric pressure cooker for a few years now to cook beans and soups and such,  but when the 7-in-1 Instant Pot came along I was intrigued.  Could I really put away my rice cooker and slow cooker and pressure cooker?

I ordered the Instant Pot here and when it arrived I first used it to make rice.  7 minutes for brown rice and it turned out moist and soft!  It was perfect.

I then tried streaming a spaghetti squash.  Again…perfect.


Once I was pretty sure this pot would get used A LOT, I did order a few accessories to make it even more versatile.













I found that when I cooked something in bulk like Pinto beans,  I wanted to leave them in the pot and put them in the fridge and be able to use the Instant Pot to reheat them.  That meant I couldn’t cook anything else in the meantime.  A second pot lets me cook rice or stew for dinner without having to transfer the beans and wash the pot.









I wanted to give the slow cooking function a try but I like checking on it periodically so the pressure lid was a problem.  I ordered this glass lid and it worked like a charm.  I like the display keeping track of time for me and I LOVE the pot turning to keep warm mode automatically.










Another accessory I’ve found helpful is a silicone suction lid. I can cover the inner pot without putting the pressure lid on.  It’s great for putting leftovers in the fridge,  too.

I’m also trying out a couple of steaming baskets but haven’t had time to get it right yet.

If you have other accessories for the Instant Pot that you love,  let me know in the comments!

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