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It’s been 3 weeks since I ransacked my closet and tore out all the black clothes (read about that HERE). After taking Carol Tuttle’s free online Dressing Your Truth™ course, and reading Discover Your Type of Beauty, I typed myself confidently as a TYPE 3SM woman – The rich, dynamic, substantial woman. I move forward with purpose and get things done swiftly. That played out with this process just as expected. Tossing the black came first…and then the grey…and then the white…and then the frilly stuff. And then there was not a lot left. I got a few key pieces at thrift stores and stared wearing the colors I did have, but I was still a little hesitant. It looked OK. But not quite like I had expected.

I decided my hair was the problem. I almost chopped it off myself in true TYPE 3 fashion, but I was patient and made an appointment with a friend. IT MADE SUCH A DIFFERENCE! My hair was no longer pulling my features down. I lightened up immediately and my clothes began to work together with the rest of me.

Here’s my before and after. Before – lots of black and contrast. Straight, ashy hair. Black eye makeup. Downward movement, stillness. After – warm shades, jewel tones, brown makeup, warmer, edgier hair that has an upward movement with action.

People noticed immediately. Some said I looked healthier, others that I had a glow. They complimented my skin and asked if I had lost weight. (I had lost about 10 lbs in the previous month). The most important thing, though was that *I FELT GREAT!* I felt like my vibrant self again. I realized it had been a while since I expressed that. Life events (like failed pregnancies and heath problems) had been pulling me down and making me more still and reflective when my true energy is active and reactive. When I ditched the black, and started wearing the colors and styles of my type, my true energy and nature came roaring back. I studied the psychology of color in college, but I had never applied the principles to myself and my moods and how I felt. As soon as I put the principles into action, the difference was apparent.

In the last 3 weeks, I’ve lost another 10lbs, de-junked a bunch of problem areas of my house, got rid of things I didn’t use or need AND put some clothes in the right style and color in my closet. Lots of forward movement! THAT’S ME! I feel like me again! And I realize that when I dress true to my type, OTHER PEOPLE know what I am about and what they are going to get when I open my mouth to speak. No confusion, no other expectations.

Here’s what my closet looks like now. It’s not all perfect, but it’s evolving!


I am not an expert by any means. I am still learning and figuring out what works for ME, but through the course and video helps on the Dressing Your Truth™ site, I am getting more confident in my choices and am finding creative ways to adapt the things I have to fit my new way of being. I had a favorite pair of black boots that are now a rich cordova. WHO KNEW YOU COULD PAINT LEATHER?? I used this paint and it worked like a charm!


It has been really fun to fit my style to my Energy TypeSM, BUT…that’s not the best part of this whole thing. The best part has been figuring out our types as a family and having a FAR better understanding of why we tend to do or say certain things in certain ways. My husband and I are opposite energy movements and when something comes up that we don’t understand about the other person, we can generally attribute it to their unique perspective and see it differently ourselves. It’s been helpful! Carol also has a book called The Child Whisperer which addresses the different ways children express their energy. My children are all different types (I have a 4, 2 and a 1) and I can see why certain types of discipline work with one child but not another. I can better meet their needs by knowing how they process. My fun type 1 child is going to react to a surprise FAR differently than my studious type 4 child. If I am sensitive to that, things will go SOOO much smoother in the long run.

I have really enjoyed the process so far and my hope is that I can continue to grow and express myself in a way that lets my true energy movement shine through. What Energy Type are YOU? You can find out for free through the online video course or with Carol’s books on energy profiling.

And look into The Child Whisperer for a better understanding of your children’s types. It has pretty, much solidified my decision to keep my energetic, bouncy 7 year old home with me next year for ‘life school’ so he can learn his own way. He’s excited and I am really looking forward to seeing him happy to learn every day. I had a copy of the Child Whisperer from the library and when it was time to turn it in, I debated keeping it longer and paying late fines, but I ended up turning it in on time and buying the book. The e-book, of course. (Type 3…I need it NOW!) I know you’ll find the books and videos eye opening and maybe even life changing. Friends who have taken the course have said they feel like they finally have permission to be themselves and they finally understand the people around them. I hope you will, too.


4 Thoughts on “My Transformation – Dressing Your Truth™

  1. jessica on March 1, 2014 at 9:56 pm said:

    Lookin good! In the second picture you look happy, good job.

  2. I loved this post, and just want to take a minute to celebrate with you! So thrilled that you feel you are coming into yourself again, after going through such difficult experiences within your body. And your EYES just popped out at me in your after picture– gorgeous and exotic!

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  4. That’s inspiring, and I thought the black is good way to dress. To see you transform inspired me and today went and changed 3 of my t-shirts – feeling almost like a teenager now – and I am 40!

    This could become a therapy in the future, how great it makes you feel after changing small things in our life.

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