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Browsing through a few of the VGN Summit presentations, I came across one about dressing for your Energy TypeSM by Carol Tuttle. I thought I hadn’t heard of her before, but I realized I HAD from friends and family who have read her books or been through her Dressing Your TruthTM online programs. (You can find them HERE.)I listened to her presentation and went through the free energy profiling course online to confirm the type I already figured I am. Outward energy, ambitious, firey, outgoing, driven etc. So…the substantial, dynamic woman of TYPE 3SM. No surprise there.

I WAS surprised to find that my go-to color(or non-color and probably everyone’s go-to), BLACK was not recommended for any type but TYPE 4SM. WHY? Well, you can hear about that from Carol here. The more important thing is WHY *I* decided to go with the system and ditch the black. Well, not every piece, but almost!

I’ll start by saying that I have not taken the full course* (*UPDATE: I did order the class right after posting this. Lots of great info I will be using as I switch things in and out of my wardrobe! AND it comes with a great community of people who have been doing this for a while. That makes it worth the price to me.), because I’m a TYPE 3SMwoman and apparently we often say ‘I can figure it out for myself!’ In the book and free course Carol even has a list of ways you will react to the system based on your type. TYPE 3SM people want you to hurry up and get to the point. They want the info NOW and will spring into action once they have it – even if they aren’t 100% sure they are headed in the exact right direction. That’s me. So, here I am sorting and reorganizing and such.

So, back to the WHY. I decided to try this because I realize that I fall back on black a lot. I think it makes me look strong and tough and it says that I may not want you to come talk to me. I know why I do it, but lately I feel like I don’t need that as much. It’s my wall and it’s coming down because it’s NOT ME. Here’s the pile of black I pulled out of my closet. I also have a goal to “minimize” this year. Downsize. Myself and my possessions, so this is a double purge. It’s a really big pile. Bigger than it looks. 4 loads, at least.


I kept a few black pieces because there’s always that one event or function where they ask everyone to wear black pants or skirt. Like a choir performance (if I ever went to choir) or a silly skit at church or creeping around at night in a catsuit. You know, those kinds of events. Plus, I still like black. I’m just not going to build my wardrobe around it anymore.

So…here is my side of the closet without all the black and with about half as many clothes as there were a few days ago. (Yes, it took me days!)


It’s still leaning toward the type 4 color palette but as I slowly replace things I’ll choose richer colors. I will have to buy a couple of basics like skirts for church, but I had enough of the rich colors and textures in there the whole time! I just usually paired them with black. So, instead of this: Black shirt, teal sweater, black pants, black shoes, black bag, it will be more like this: Brown shirt, teal sweater, blue jeans, tan shoes, tan/teal bag and if I were feeling REALLY dynamic I would add a scarf and some big earrings, but that’s not me right now. Same main teal color, different feel. Not a TON different, but not as stark and unapproachable. Because, that’s not me! Here’s a visual on how it will be different (images from polyvore and pinterest).


I like the change and I think it will more closely reflect my personality and energy. We’ll see! For now, it’s just fun! Have you figured out your Energy TypeSM? What type are you and how have you changed your wardrobe? Has it made a difference in how you feel and act?

If you haven’t and you want to figure out which type fits you, check out the videos in the free online course here.

3 Thoughts on “Closet Makeover – Bye-Bye Black – Dressing Your Truth™

  1. Kristen S on February 6, 2014 at 10:34 am said:

    I went through and did the free course quite a while ago after a cousin had posted on Facebook about it multiple times. I’m pretty sure I’m a type 2. I was very intrigued because I always feel like I have nothing to wear and would love to learn how to dress to fit my personality/energy. I haven’t been able to purchase the full course yet since funds are tight, but someday when I have some extra money (ha!). 🙂
    I did, however, purchase The Child Whisperer book by Carol (energy typing for kids) to see if it could help solve some temper tantrum problems. 🙂 It has helped a little bit, but would probably help more if hubby would learn and implement as well.

  2. Tricia Vaillancourt on February 10, 2014 at 8:39 pm said:

    Very cool!

  3. Julie on March 8, 2014 at 3:44 pm said:

    Hi April, nice blog 🙂

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