What I Ate on GAPS Stage 2


By now, you might know I’m doing the GAPS Diet. If you wonder why, I will refer you to my previous posts HERE and HERE.

I just finished Stage 2 and have moved on to 3 with no problems. My headaches have gone away and everything is going great! 10 lbs down in 6 days is pretty nice, too. The food…still a bit boring, but doable for sure!!

Here’s what I ate on GAPS Stage 2:

Day 3
Chicken broth with boiled chicken
2tbsp homemade 24 hour ferment yogurt
touch of raw local honey

Ground beef in broth w/raw egg yolk
spinach in broth
lacto fermented pickles

Squash and Ground Beef Casserole (Recipe in THIS BOOK!!)


Day 4
soft boiled egg
Beef Broth

Chicken Soup w/raw egg yolk

Beet, cauliflower and chicken casserole (w/broth – can you see a theme?? BROTH, BROTH and more BROTH!!)

Day 5

Soft boiled egg

Meatball soup in beef broth
Lacto fermented vegetables

Beef Stew


Again, not all that exciting, but it is really not that bad. I could never do the Master Cleanse or something like that, but this is OK. I look forward to every stage as it comes and I appreciate the things I can add. It makes me more grateful for food and variety. The weight is coming off, but more than that, I haven’t needed to take a supplement to manage joint pain since we started this. I have needed a digestive enzyme a couple of times. (I use this one).

I feel pretty darn good so far and we are moving through the stages quickly. We don’t have any major digestive issues because we’ve been working on those slowly over the course of a year, so we’re able to sail through the stages. We’re giving each stage 3 days just to be sure we’re hitting all the points. My husband isn’t big on fermented foods, so pickles are his only food probiotic right now. He’s taking a probiotic in pill form, but I am doing fermented veggies and dairy for my probiotics. On to stage 3! (As soon as I finish the stage 3 post…the link will be HERE!)

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