Gifting Recipes

Cherished recipes are often passed down from generation to generation. For the most part, these recipes are bound in a book or put on cards to be placed in a recipe box out of sight. Here are three ways to get those recipes out of their boxes and into the light to bring back memories, to be enjoyed and used and given as gifts.


1. Frames

Find some funky vintage frames to house treasured hand-written recipes or rough up a newly printed recipe to make it look well worn. Place them on a counter or hang them on a wall in the kitchen to double as decor and directions. ¬†Choose a frame that compliments the receiver’s kitchen decor.



2. Ribbon Boards

Give a newly-married couple a decorative ribbon board with recipes of your own or printed from your favorite real food blogs. This can be mounted on the outside or inside of a cupboard or pantry door or hung on the wall for quick access. They can add their own recipes as they gather them along the way.


3. Magnet Board

Make a magnetic menu board and give recipes that you repeat often in your weekly menu. The receiver can change the cards as they plan their upcoming meals. The board will remain on display for ¬†the family to see what’s for dinner and the cook will have easy access to the recipes.


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