Cheesy Bacon Hash Brown Casserole – Real Food Style

Even just reading the title of this post will send some
people running for the celery!

We’ve been told for decades that fat makes us fat and a lot of people still believe it. I am not a doctor, but I have come to realize that  FAT is not the enemy. FAT is healthy. FAT is critical to life. And…FAT is yummy!

HOW CAN YOU BUY INTO THAT?? you may ask. How can I believe that bacon and butter and cream are health foods? Easy! I’ve personally seen the benefits of eating the right kinds of fat. I’ve even LOST fat eating FAT. Not only that, since I’ve been eating raw milk and cream, pasture butter, bacon from foraged pigs, eggs from pastured chickens, etc…my cholesterol levels have improved and my joint pain is FAR less.  How is that even possible? The KIND of fats I am eating are the key. Casseroles like this usually have cream of whatever soup and gobs of ultra pasteurized sour cream and cheeses. I choose GOOD fats. Real, traditional fats from healthy animals (and some from organic plants like olive oil and coconut oil). Did you know lard from foraged pigs who have basked in the sun has a TON of vitamin D and A? Read this article by Danelle of Read ’em & Weep and you’ll probably reconsider giving lard a bad rap and you’ll fall in love with butter all over again.

[stextbox id=”stb_style_197640″]”Healthy fats supply nutrients that are essential for: growth, energy, absorption and metabolism of many nutrients, brain function, kidneys, heart and lungs, building cell membranes, formation of hormones, healthy skin, eyes and bones.” (from Nourishing Our Children)[/stextbox]

The moral of the story…Don’t be afraid of fat!

Still not convinced? Read more on the subject HERE, HERE, and HERE .

And then make this SUPER FATTY casserole and ENJOY IT!

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Cheesy Bacon Hash Brown Casserole
(aka funeral potatoes with a twist by healingforreal.com)


8 medium to large Yukon Gold potatoes (organic is best to avoid pesticides)
1/2 cup butter (pasture butter is best)
2 cups shredded cheddar (grass-fed is best – find it here)
1 cup raw cream (raw whole milk will work, too)
4oz cream cheese (organic or homemade – get cultures here)
1/2 lb bacon cooked and crumbled
2 tbsp organic green onions chopped
1/2 cup organic peas or other vegetable (optional)
Salt(I buy this kind) and pepper(I buy this kind) to taste

Shred potatoes and place in a large baking dish (like this). In a sauce pan, warm 1/4 cup the butter, and all of the cheese, cream and cream cheese until it can be blended together.  Mix in onion, vegetable and bacon. Pour over the potatoes, add salt and pepper and mix with a spoon until blended well. Drop the rest of the butter in small dollops over the casserole. Add a bit of cheese over the top if desired.

Bake at 350 degrees for 50-75 minutes.


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