Massive Book Bundle SALE!

I am so excited to  tell you about this bundle of healthy living ebooks and classes and meal plan and more. Not just because the value of the bundle is crazy good, but also I HAVE A BOOK IN THE BUNDLE! Yep, I wrote a book. Well, more like photographed and styled a book. It’s pretty and practical and it’s all about making your DIY natural gifts GORGEOUS.

BUT…I have a couple of other favorite books in this bundle, so I’ll tell you about them first.


I LOVE How to Finally Escape the Clutter Trap by Robin Konie of Thank Your Body.  I am a clutter keeper. It’s everywhere. It just piles up and it annoys me and it annoys my husband even more. One of the thing Robin said in the book that really resonated with me was this:

“Open up a glossy magazine and you’ll see plenty of beautiful clean homes. They are the kind of homes we dream of owning. Some people have been fortunate enough to move into their “dream home” only to find that it lost its “pizzazz” quickly. Why? It’s usually another case of too much stuff.”

That really hit me. We have so much space in this house, but in the 4 years we’ve been here, it’s kind of…shrunk. Closets have filled up and corners are occupied by a chair here, a table there. I have a shelf that I had custom made to ‘unclutter’ my cabinets and store whiteware. When I first arranged items on the shelf it looked so great! Then another dish, another vase, another trinket and it looks cluttered. It’s not dirty or unkempt, just not as sleek and pretty as before. It causes me stress instead of peace.

shelvesfinished2 shelvesfinished3


The techniques in “How to Finally Escape the Clutter Trap” will help me get this and other little areas of my home back to sleek and sparse in 15 minutes a day.  Robin has a 3 step plan that is super easy and doesn’t take much time.  Seriously…15 minutes a day. I can do that. She also says that once you get things de-cluttered, that 15 minutes will be WAY easier to find. The three steps she lays out…


I am determined to get this house back to ‘dream home’ state in 15 minutes a day!! I love this book and I think it will help a ton of people get out of the trap!  It’s in the bundle!! Get it here! 



 The 30 Day Heartburn Solution is another favorite you have to check out. I wrote a whole post on How I Quit Acid Blockers and this book helped a lot. The surprising truth is that the problem is not too much acid, but too little. I KNOW!! It sounds crazy, but it is true and Craig Fear explains it all and tells you how to get off those acid blockers and stop heartburn for good!  The 30 Day Heartburn Solution is also in the VGN Fall Into Health Bundle!


And then, there are TWO books that totally KILL the diet myths and misinformation out there and encourage eating REAL FOOD. Not starving. Ice cream, even. YES, DESSERT.  From Weed ’em and Reap – Danelle Wolford’s Have Your Cake and Lose Weight, Too! and from The Nourished Life – Elizabeth Walling’s The Nourished Metabolism.  Both of these books helped me understand what real food is all about. They helped me change my thoughts about the ideas I’ve been sold all my life by food ‘manufacturers’, and I don’t mean farmers. If it has a commercial, chances are, it’s not actual food.  I don’t think I could pick a favorite out of these two books. They both have so much information in two different voices and from two different perspectives, that you could NOT go wrong reading both.


And…the book I mentioned first. My very own first ever, ebook, Beautify Your DIY – A Guide to Gorgeous Natural Gifts. I wrote this book because I love making my own products. I make deodorant, bath salts, extracts, infused oils and more. Gift giving time is coming up and I thought up a bunch of classy and beautiful ways to give DIY gifts. I photographed them and put them together in a little guide for your viewing pleasure. It’s not a long, wordy book. It’s more like eye-candy for the DIYer. Here are a few of the items included in the book.


Infused Oils

Custom Fragrances

Handmade Soaps

I think it is beautiful and I hope you do, too! This book is a much better value in the bundle of 30+ other books and a bunch of goodies, but it is available separately HERE.I’m sure you will find many more books in the VGN FALL INTO HEALTH BUNDLE that you’ll love! Check it out and get it while it lasts!




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