How I QUIT Acid Blockers After 20 Years


Like a lot of students, my second year in college consisted of lots of stress and super cheap food. I started having pain I couldn’t figure out so I went to the health center and had some tests done. The diagnosis… GERD. Acid reflux.  Heartburn? at 17?  Yep! The lovely barium x-ray confirmed it.

The miracle drug of the moment was prescription Zantac and I went home with a bunch of it. That was just the beginning. More than 20 years later I was STILL on acid blockers. Oh, I graduated to the latest and greatest every few years, but if I skipped taking it for one day I was in serious pain. When the pills were released over the counter, I bought the stuff by the cart-full and took it daily like a good girl.

What I didn’t know until recently was that excess acid was NOT my problem. In fact, by reducing the acid in my stomach, I was inhibiting my stomach’s natural ability to process and absorb the nutrients in my food. My blood levels consistently showed lack of various nutrients, particularly proteins and iron.

[stextbox id=”gr”]No wonder I felt like yuck and just kept getting sicker. And no wonder my bowels were ALWAYS messed up. We’re talking emergency, know where every restroom is from point a to point b, MESSED UP. Every day. For 20 years.[/stextbox]

How did I get off of the acid blockers? How did I get off of the acid blockers? I started eating differently. I stopped eating processed foods. I started feeding my body real food with real nutrients. Like fat! Yes, FAT. Lard and butter and coconut oil and more. I switched my dairy products to fresh raw, and grass fed. I started sprouting, soaking or souring my grains. I made sure I was eating real fresh food and choosing better sugars and fruits instead of junk or processed ‘health’ foods.

With the help of an integrated medicine doctor, I started taking a digestive enzyme with something in it that might be surprising…MORE ACID. Yep. Ox bile (from an ox) and hydrochloric acid. See, the problem was NOT too much acid. It was not ENOUGH. Not enough because the food I was eating was pretty much void of the enzymes needed to help my stomach produce enough acid to digest what I put in there. I know…it’s the opposite of everything we’ve been told. And, you know what? It’s doable even WITHOUT SUPPLEMENTS!

Craig Fear, certified Nutritional Therapist, explains this (much better than I ever could) in his book The 30-Day Heartburn Solution – A 3-Step Nutrition Program to Stop Acid Reflux Without Drugs. He explains how chronic heartburn can be eliminated with proper nutrition. And if you eat the right foods, right away, you can probably even skip the step of supplementation with enzymes and acid. No pills, just FOOD. Real, yummy, fatty food!

He does go on to talk about stress and what THAT does to the digestive system. I’m working on that one, but I’ve got it down to about half of what it used to be. I could do better, but even with just the changes I’ve made so far…

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How is that for healing? Not just treating symptoms. REAL HEALING!  In these six months of eating nutrient dense food, I have also been able to switch from conventional NSAIDs, which further complicate the stomach acid problem, to natural anti-inflammatory supplements (read more about that here!). The plan is to heal my body through nutrition and avoiding daily toxins as much as possible, so that I won’t even need the natural supplements. YOU can do it, too.

Get rid of heartburn, get off of those pills and get your body nourished and ‘healed for real’!
Get The 30 Day Heartburn Solution by Craig Fear 

And if you want to get serious about eating REAL FOOD, you MUST also get
Have Your Cake and Lose Weight Too! by Danelle Wolford of Weed ’em and Reap.
She takes you through the right foods and nutrients you’ll need to be on your way to restoring your health. Losing weight is a major plus, but it will also keep your stomach acids in check and doing what they were meant to do!

Get the books, change the diet, destroy the heartburn!

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