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A Quick Tip for Freezing Peaches


I am not a big canner. I’ve done peaches and green beans and that’s about it. I plan on canning more when we get our big garden growing next year. I even bought all the cool canning accessories. I am not ready to can right now, BUT peaches are on and we love them. Our neighbor’s tree shares a whole branch with us over the fence. If we don’t pick them, they fall off and get eaten by ants. I need to ask my neighbor what kind of tree they want US to plant to hang over the fence in exchange.

It’s REALLY nice to have some good fruit available in the winter so I have been cutting the peaches up and freezing them (after eating a few, of course). Last year, the gallon size freezer bag was just one big chunk of stuck-together peaches. I had to bang the bag on the counter to get a few slices to detach and then the bag would get holes in it. This year, I remembered a trick I saw on some show like “How It’s Made“. I spread the slices out on a cookie sheet and froze them overnight BEFORE putting them in the freezer bag. It worked beautifully! Now we can grab a handful for smoothies without annoying the neighborhood with all the banging.


Summer Ice Cream Maker Giveaway!

Update: 8/20/2013
We have a WINNER!
Wendy F. at pa…00@yahoo.com
email me at aprilanderton @ gmail.com within 48 hours to claim your prize!


It’s summer and we are eating ice cream like crazy! I got this cute personal ice cream maker for my husband for Father’s Day and it has been used and used and used. It’s FAST and makes the best REAL FOOD ice cream (from raw cream!). We love it so much that we want YOU to have one! A new one, not the used and used and used one. Enter to win your very own below. Contest begins at 4:00 PM EASTERN time 8/12/13 and ends at 11:00 PM EASTERN time on 8/19/13. Enter now!

ALSO…If you are looking for more ways to get real food on the table FAST, check out the Real Food For Busy People online video course. Lots of great ways to save time and money on real food for your family.


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Real Food For Busy People Cooking Classes


I am SO excited about the REAL FOOD FOR BUSY PEOPLE cooking classes. I started my real food adventure about 6 months ago and if you recall, I complained about my feet. A lot. They hurt from standing in the kitchen for so long every day preparing food from scratch, making my own cheese and bread and everything else. I’ve learned a few tricks since then for being more efficient and cutting my time down in the kitchen but there’s still a LOT more I could learn.

That’s where these classes come in. I can watch the sessions whenever and then apply them in my own kitchen. These real foodies have been doing this a lot longer than I have, and I get their expertise from their blogs all the time. Now, I can watch and learn.


I have a pressure cooker and I am pretty excited to try this pot roast from Heather Dessinger
of Mommypotamus.

If you’re not sure where to start with real food or if you think you’re too busy…these classes are for you! Sign up here and learn how to prepare REAL foods quickly and efficiently!