Must Have Pretty Bottles

I decided to try the baking soda ‘anti-shampoo’ (No ‘Poo) and apple cider vinegar rinse that I’ve seen so many times lately and it worked great the first day. By afternoon, my hair was a little heavier than I’m used to, but I know there’s said to be a transition period. The recipe that I decided to go with is at 1greengeneration. It’s the basic baking soda recipe, but mixed with water and put in a shower friendly bottle. The apple cider vinegar rinse is also listed and she adds vanilla and essential oils to it. I’m adding wild rosemary oil to mine.

The problem I have with some of these DIY projects is…I like pretty things. Sleekly shaped shampoo bottles with nice feminine designs on them make me happy. Good thing I am somewhat of a digital design geek. I can’t do just any bottle. My husband has his baking soda in an old supplement container in the shower. Not pretty. I CAN’T HANDLE THAT!! It has to be pretty!

I hunted for some functional AND pretty bottles today at TJMaxx and didn’t find anything in the kitchen or bath sections. But then, at the register (with my college student son – who bought a peacock painting??) there were some pretty bottles of Hawaiian spring water with pull top lids! $2.60 later, I had my bottles. I stripped the labels and designed my own for my mixed potions. I taped over the labels (albeit, not very neatly) to make sure they stand up in the shower for a while. Pretty No ‘Poo bottles! All is right and good in the DIY world tonight.


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  1. Barbara Marlow on May 27, 2013 at 2:57 pm said:

    Would you be willing to share your pretty labels?

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