Easily Separate Cream From Raw Milk – Video

When I first started using raw milk, I noticed the cream sitting right on top, but I just shook it up before pouring to get full fat milk each time. As I’ve gone further into the Real Food lifestyle, I make butter, ice cream, creme brulee, whipped cream and such from the raw cream. It took me a while to figure out how to efficiently get the cream out of that gallon container.

Some people suggested using an expensive cream separator. Um…no. Others suggested a turkey baster, which I tried but always got a bunch of milk with it and had a heck of a time cleaning it out. I had read that you can use a fancy drink dispenser, but some people didn’t like that the spout was too high on the dispenser and…I didn’t have one.

I finally read about poking a hole in the bottom of the milk jug and thought. “I can do that!” My first attempt got milk everywhere. It took another person to get the jar ready for the quick switch and the hole didn’t exactly make for neat pouring. Got some cream…along with a big mess.

I put some thought into it and came up with a similar plan that works beautifully! I made a little how to video for clueless people like me! The pot I use in the following video is called a Chef’s Pot and it came in the Wolfgang Puck stainless set I got myself for Christmas. A large bowl would work as well. So, here’s my method! It works and it’s not messy! My 6 year old was filming instead of standing by ready to catch the cream in a jar. Enjoy the high budget film (I paid him in yogurt)! Bumper music by ZenoFi – AKA my oldest son. Let me know if you have other easy solutions for separating cream from raw milk!

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One Thought on “Easily Separate Cream From Raw Milk – Video

  1. Ruth on April 5, 2013 at 7:44 pm said:

    What a great idea! I can’t wait to try it, thanks for sharing!!:-)

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