Dragging My Kids Into It

For the most part, my kids are up for the changes we’ve made recently. Probably because I’ve fed them better than I’ve fed myself for the past 10 years so there wasn’t a TON to change. They asked for mac-n-cheese on a night my husband and I planned to be out and I gave the raised eyebrow. “Like Annie’s Organic!” our daughter added quickly. She’s catching on! Still processed, but closer. I’m OK with a couple of exceptions here and there as long as I know they are getting what they need from the food I make for them on a regular basis. The free donuts for A’s at Krispy Kreme I am not so keen on. I’m hoping they’ll just forget. If not, I may have to make these.

One thing my 14 year old daughter missed when fake food stopped coming home in the grocery bags was Taco Bell mild sauce. We eat a lot of Mexican food and she puts it on pretty much everything. She tried making her own with water and our homemade taco seasoning but it wasn’t great. Tonight, we looked up the actual ingredients and she made some pretty much on her own.

6 oz Organic Tomato Paste (we used canned, but jarred would be better to avoid bpa)
3 cups water
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
2 tbsp chili powder (where to buy spices)
2 tsp real salt (where to buy salt)
1 tsp cayenne pepper (we used 35,000 btu)
1 tsp onion powder
1/2 Serrano pepper
2 tsp arrow root powder (or organic cornstarch)

She whisked the tomato paste and water while it was heating up to medium on the stove. She’s not into chunks so we put the Serrano pepper in a tea ball and let it add some heat, but then took it out at the end. She added the salt and spices and whisked in the arrowroot. (I would have dissolved it in water first to prevent clumping.) She let it simmer for 3 minutes or so and then turned it off and let it cool. I helped her strain it into the bottles – no chunks allowed. We had saved a few Taco Bell bottles, but a mason jar would work, too.


Cost-wise this was about $.50 – $.75 per bottle vs. $1.99 per bottle. Health-wise, we are avoiding a bunch of gunk including preservatives and soy. We all had Kelsey’s taco sauce for dinner tonight and everyone loved it. My husband said “Sold!” We won’t be buying fake sauce any more.

Even better than the upgraded sauce, is the fact that my daughter is getting involved in making her own real food. I love that she can see that a little effort pays off with a finished product that tastes great.

My 6 year old son is involved, too in his own way. He eats pretty much everything including raw onions and cilantro and bell peppers. But, then again, he also runs around at a pinewood derby saying “Sugar is evil.” (not our words) while grabbing cookies and shoving them in his mouth, then asking if the cups are organic. We’re working on him!

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  1. Catherine on March 29, 2013 at 9:08 pm said:

    Sounds yummy!!

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