Perennials with Bad Haircuts

perennialIt’s a little bit sunny and even a touch WARM lately and getting outside is just what I’ve needed. I cut the ornamental grasses back  so the new stuff can grow, but they may refuse to come up again because I gave them such bad haircuts (or should I say HACK JOBS?!) I should have read a little more before I went out with trimmers.

I’ve got a few books on my Kindle list to read before we start the garden.
These books are either free or super cheap, so snap them up before you go dig in the dirt.


I kind of hacked the heck out of the lavender today and I am not sure if it’s coming back.  I really need to learn more about all the plants I stuck in the round last year. I’m hoping this book will help me figure out how to best grow herbs like lavender and rosemary in the park strip in front of my house. The city requires part vegetation,  so I might as well grow something I can use. 99 cents…I can handle that. My plants will thank me.


This book is FREE today.  tomatoes this year. I’ve had seeds started inside by this time the last couple of years, but I haven’t done anything yet this year. We may actually have a nice long spring, so maybe the tomatoes could go in early. I’m hoping to grow some pretty (or ugly!) heirlooms. We’ve done Earth Boxes the past few years and the tomatoes love them.  I may try some in the raised beds and some in the Earth Boxes.


This one is really interesting. If you wonder why we use heirloom seeds over standard commercial seeds, this book explains it all. And it’s FREE! The seeds that come from heirloom plants can be gathered and used again. It’s like a nice savings account, really.

Looks like I have a bit of reading to do…What are your favorite gardening books?


2 Thoughts on “Perennials with Bad Haircuts

  1. Catherine on March 19, 2013 at 8:08 pm said:

    I snapped up a couple of those books! I am a pathetic gardener and want to improve.

  2. admin on March 19, 2013 at 8:12 pm said:

    Considering I have a bunch of crusty dirt where a garden should be, I would call myself pathetic, as well.

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