My Fridge is Changing, Too

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15 years ago, my fridge would have looked like the standard american diet fridge. Lots of processed foods, fat-free, sugar free, ‘health’ foods along with a sprinkle of fruits. The vegetables would have been in the freezer. At one point I was trying out the Atkins diet so there would have been lots of processed bacon, cheese, cream cheese, deli meats, ground beef, and such. Diet sodas and 1% milk would have been in the door, and aspartame yogurt on the shelf for the kids. I don’t even like to picture it now.

2 years ago, it would have looked better with fresh organic produce, organic milk and butter, small amounts of organic meat, pots of beans and rice. Much better.

Today, my fridge looks weird and cool(pun intended). It has ‘weird’ stuff like whey and kefir. Fermented vegetables and homemade bone broth. Butter and cheese with no commercial wrappers because I made them. Sprouted grain tortillas, pastured eggs, cultures of various kinds. Raw milk in a glass jar. A JAR, like in the 50’s. Fermented Cod Liver Oil, grass fed beef cuts. Weird stuff. GREAT stuff. Stuff that makes me feel better than I have in YEARS. Stuff that I feel good feeding to my kids. I’m looking forward to fewer packages once the farmer’s markets get going this summer. It’s different and it’s weird…it’s REAL FOOD. I am embracing weird and I love how my fridge is changing with me.


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