Time to Make a New Start…er


Sourdough flatbread, anyone?

I attempted to revive a neglected (like, 6 months neglected) sourdough starter this week and I am thinking it may be time to start a new one. My test loaf didn’t rise a bit! The flavor is amazing, but the bread is all but flat. By the tiny bubbles in the mix, it does seem like my poor starter is fighting to survive so I may keep trying, but it the meantime I’ll start another one with this recipe from The Fresh Loaf. The husband is itching to start eating only sprouted flour, natural yeast breads and I need a known good starter to make it happen. Here’s to new bubbles!

Until then…this loaf may not be fluffy, but it is not going to waste. ┬áIt just tastes too good to toss.

Turned a failure into lunch…Raw Cheddar Cheese & Organic Chicken Melt on Sourdough ‘Flatbread’.

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