Lacto Fermented Pickles


Laco-fermented Pickles

In our efforts to transition to a well-rounded diet of real foods, I’ve been looking at ways to get the right kinds of bacteria without trying to get my kids to love something like kombucha right off the bat. They have been enjoying raw milk Kefir smoothies and that’s a good step. I wanted to do more, so I thought…pickles! They love dill pickles but I’ve never made my own until today. I read several methods on different sites and decided on one that was simple and didn’t have many ingredients from this site

I made a small batch of just one jar of whole pickles and one of sliced.  The real test will be if the kids like them.  Wild Fermentation is in my cart at amazon.com, thanks to a suggestion from Molly Newman. I *really, really* hope these turn out to be just the beginning of a bunch of batches of fermented real food for us because those little lactobacillus bugs help with digestion and have anti-inflammatory properties that I could sure use.  Not to mention the yum factor.  Check back in 4-5 days for the verdict.

 Update: Day 3 – bubbles!! I couldn’t resist taking the lid off and trying one of the slices. Pretty darn tasty already! Salty and a touch spicy. The husband is not a cucumber fan, but he likes pickles for some reason. I’m hoping that the longer they are in the brine, the less cucumber taste there is so that he’ll enjoy them.  If not, there will be more for me!



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